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ES B small

Vauxhall Corsa, Audi A1, Vauxhall E Corsa

Compact 5 Gasoline (EN .....) A
from € 19 /month
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D Limousine

Volkswagen Passat, Mercedes-Benz Class-C, Nissan Leaf

5 Automatic B
from € 25 /month

    How much can Athlon Share save your organisation?

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    Your savings

    Your savings

    • Total costs - Short-Term Rental
    • Total costs - Athlon Share
    Savings when using Athlon Share
    Total costs - Short-Term Rental
    Total costs - Athlon Share
    Per month
    Total costs - Short-Term Rental
    Total costs - Athlon Share
    Per year
    Details of this calculation
    Car sharing Costs per vehicle, per month including charging costs (eg. Category B) € 550
    Included km per day 150 km
    Average km driven per day 250 km
    Estimated Handling Costs per rental transaction (Delivery, Collection Refuel costs etc.) € 50
    Rental rate per day (B-category vehicle) € 35
    Costs for additional km driven € 0.20
    Fuel Costs for rental vehicle per km € 0.09

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