Total Cost of Ownership

There is an easy way to calculate the total cost of ownership of your fleet. Leave it to the experts at Athlon. They are devoted to following up changes in legislation, fleet composition and any number of other developments that impact your final results.

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    The TCO puzzle

    There is an unwieldy number of questions you need to ask if you want to calculate your Total Cost of Ownership. Do you take fuel consumption into account? What tax benefits do you qualify for? Why are CO2 emissions important? All of these are important factors. They are all pieces of the full TCO puzzle. Also add in factors like driving behavior, vehicle mileage and of course, depreciation.

    Find the necessary figures, put your maths to the test and then you’ll arrive at your answer. And once you’re there? Always run your calculations again to be sure. But this time, cross your fingers, knock on wood and hope you don’t come to a completely different result.

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    Leave it to an expert

    Let us simplify your life. Our Athlon experts keep your costs under control. And not just for your existing fleet. We help you find the best direction for the evolution of your fleet.

    Going electric?

    Is an electric fleet too expensive? The price tag on a hybrid or electric vehicle is higher than the one on an equivalent vehicle running on petrol or diesel. However, the tax benefits, reduced fuel costs, lower maintenance costs and slow depreciation are all advantages that drive your TCO down. Once you’ve factored in the benefits you receive for installing charging points, you might benefit from adding electric vehicles to your fleet.

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    Fast forward

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