VanLease follows the same approach as FullServiceLease. You just load your van and drive it. We take care of everything from maintenance and servicing to tires, insurance and breakdown assistance.

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    Making life easier

    How much easier would life be with a delivery van? Picking up or delivering large orders in a single trip. Transporting large products wherever they need to go. As well as offering your employees priceless help any time they’re moving house or transporting furniture. A dependable van that’s ready to go whenever you need it is simpler than ever before thanks to Athlon VanLease.

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    Choose the right van

    You have the choice of any van make and model on the market. Are you unsure what to look for? A quick chat with our VanLease experts and you’ll know exactly which options respond to your core business needs.

    Update your existing fleet

    What if you are already running a fleet of vans? We’ll help you calculate whether it’s as economical as it could be. Or help you optimize it in every way possible. Make the most of VanLease. 

    Getting you there

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    How can Athlon help you?

    Mobility is about moving from A to B. Is there any reason it should be more complicated than that? Let us know where you want to go. We look forward to getting you there.

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    A van that’s ready to go whenever you need it is simpler than ever before thanks to Athlon VanLease.


    So many employees, so many wishes. The ideal mobility solution for employees without a company car.


    Athlon's mobility solution for private individuals. For now, only available in The Netherlands.


    Assure the mobility of your employees at all times with a range of short-term car-hire possibilities.


    SecondDrive offers the possibility of taking over an original lease contract from ex-lease cars. The result? A lower lease rate.


    A temporary rental of a lease vehicle or long-term full service leasing? Athlon ShortLease combines the two.

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    Ensure your individual needs are met, whether you’re a driver or a fleet manager.

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