There are times when a permanent contract is not the best approach. This is why Athlon created ChangeMyCar. 

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    Do your employees and drivers want freedom? Would they like to change their cars from time to time? Do you have employees who are just starting or are employed for a single project, or intrigued about the possibilities of electric drive?

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    Economical, flexible and simple

    The idea is simple. You swipe through the range of available vehicles until you find the one that matches your needs—your needs at that very moment. Found a match? It will be delivered to you the next day. You’re free to change the car again and again. And you don’t need to pay any extra costs to do this. In fact, you have this flexibility and freedom for the cost of an ordinary lease car and it allows employees to respond to changes in their family, living and work situations, while delivering convenience, simplicity and fun.


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    Flexibility is a choice

    "ChangeMyCar helps our employees choose more flexibly. We want to facilitate our employees to be able to work pleasantly anytime and anywhere. ChangeMyCar helps with this." Ronald Verweij - The Sourcing Company

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    Award winning solution

    In 2018, ChangeMyCar won the coveted Fleet Industry Award. Presented annually, the award recognizes remarkable and innovative products, tools or services.

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    Mobility is about moving from A to B. Is there any reason it should be more complicated than that? Let us know where you want to go. We look forward to getting you there.

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