A different view on mobility

Developments among young people show that they're open to flexible transport solutions. Because they grew up in a sharing economy, they have less need for a lease car and often opt for public transport or bicycles. In addition, traffic is increasing and it becomes necessary to travel flexibly.

Leon Mulders - Mobility consultant

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    Developments among young people

    The developments below ensure that young people look at mobility differently. Respond to this as an organization by stimulating various mobility solutions, including the Athlon Mobility Budget; a distinctive and attractive must-have for young employees!

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    No commitment with lease cars

    At large organizations with many young employees, we see that a diversity of mobility is offered more often. The reason? Young people have probably never had a lease car and therefore don't commit themselves to them. Fewer lease cars means that your organization has to pay for fewer parking spaces. So, don't use them anymore and, for example, facilitate your employees with lease bicycles from this saving.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Younger employees more often opt for public transport, a bicycle or a shared car; mobility with less CO2 emissions. Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role in making this choice. With Athlon mobility budget we aim for conscious use of mobility. Unridden kilometers not only benefit the organization, but also the user. The user gets a part of the saving back as an extra budget. This is free to spend on, for example, a bicycle or training.

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    Sharing is caring

    The young generation grew up with the sharing economy: streaming services, TV on demand and Netflix. We see the same in mobility. Car sharing, loan bicycles and the use of public transport are results of the sharing economy.

    Decide for themselves

    Young people want to decide for themselves what they need. With the mobility budget, they can organize their mobility needs themselves. They find a diverse range of mobility and flexible solutions in a n app. Here they can determine which transport solutions they want to use.

    Own control over mobility; that's the future

    Employees travel from A to B, but the distances and preferences may vary. Athlon's Mobility Budget is here to let employees compose their own personalized mobility package. Which way do you choose for your organization?

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